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Tasalla is a game portal for developers and publishers

For developers and publishers looking to penetrate the Middle East market we can help you break down the language barrier and make sure your game is a success in the local market.

Through we are keen to deploy our assets and expertise in the Middle East to provide the highest quality browser and client application to our Arabic visitors. We are certain that Tasalla will continue to capture the attention of the Arab community through our state-of-the-art website.

Tasalla is a game portal with a wide spectrum of amazing games to suit the Arab gamer community, making it a gateway to the Middle East region for all providers and media partners. Tasalla offers a large variety of games with various genres ranging from MMO, MMORPG’s, downloadable, Flash and mobile games for all ages.

With , and blog functionalities, the Arabic, English and French versions are built around the social and interactive media components. Visitors have the ability of sharing their scores and fortunes directly with the portal community.

Tasalla offers game developers and open platforms comprehensive solutions including:
  • Localization in the Middle East: Access to 17 countries harnessing the same language, Arabic
  • Free translation of content into Arabic
  • Free marketing and promotion across the main online networks in the Middle East
  • Provision of the billing solutions (PSMS/PRS/Online payment solutions)

If you are a game publisher or developer, get your game advertised for free on Tasalla and have your product promoted throughout the Arab world.

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Facebook Games

Absolutely Digital assisted the Chinese developer Joyport with Infinite Realms, the first Arabic Social network game. Joyport is one of the largest browser-based game developers and publishers in China, headquartered in Hangzhou with branch offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Nanjing.

The game is a free-to-play MMORTS (Multiplayer Online Real-time Strategy) persistent browser-based game where friends can challenge each other at anytime and anywhere.

Infinite Realms is a strategic game based on science-fiction, where players have to accomplish the missions handled to them through personalized plans and tactics.

The story

Infinite Realms’ story takes place in a time where all the resource supplies were depleted. The fact that unites numerous warring alien factions in a desperate attempt to jointly explore new reaches of the universe and search for new sources in order to avoid mutual extinction.

The players start in one such place, a newly discovered galaxy rife with both resources and hostile competition.

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