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Chelsea FC Partnership
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Chelsea Football Club has signed with Absolutely Digital, through our sister company in London Atlas Premium Brands, an exclusive partnership for the distribution of Chelsea official Arabic exclusive mobile rights in the Middle East, Africa and parts of Asia.

Absolutely Digital can grant mobile operators the possibility of acquiring Chelsea mobile rights exclusively in the territory of their operation, CFC mobile rights include:

Mobile content services:

Daily news updates

Video (match highlights + non-match footage including news and player interviews)


Screensavers and Wallpapers


Alerts (SMS and push messaging)


CFC community chat

A unique celebrity TV format – Meet & Greet: Spend a day with the world’s top players!
CFC offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to its fans: The chance to Meet & Greet their favorite player.

Lucky participants will have the chance to visit Stamford Bridge and its museum, see all the trophies the one of the most successful clubs in the world has won.
Moreover, winners will visit the sport facility and meet with Chelsea FC’s coach. They will also witness the world’s top players training for their game!
Each participant on the Meet & Greet event will get a signed jersey from his favorite player and receive goodies from the official Chelsea items. This is a once in a lifetime experience that grants the lucky winners the ability to spend time with the world’s greatest players.
Interactive TV spot- Daily quizzes
Every weekend, participants will have the chance to win a signed T-shirt from their favorite player and a full trip to watch a game at Stamford Bridge
For sponsors and advertisers on Chelsea Arabia:
  • A new way to reach millions of fans
  • Advantage of disseminating their post in real time using new channels of communication
  • Ability to integrate their brands and message in high impact media
Partnering with a powerful and innovative brand like Chelsea
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