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Premium SMS/Local domestic numbers

Monetize your content through our billing solutions

Absolutely Digital is a leading provider of mobile payment solutions in the Middle East market. Whatever platform you use online to market your brand we have the resources to monetize your content through our billing solutions.

We have been providing services to well-known brands such as 'Who wants to be a millionaire' and the local version of 'Superstar' TV-format.

Absolutely Digital enjoys close relationships with the leading regional mobile operators, providing customers with Premium SMS short codes and Premium voice numbers across all countries in the North African, Levant and GCC countries. These are premium local numbers designed to be used by mobile content providers and Satellite TV stations that offer the highest profit value and full accessibility, operating in almost every country through the main operators in the Arab world.

Billing solutions: local voice/ Premium SMS

Mobile Applications

TV format: Interactive TV/Participant TV formats & Housing solutions

International premium numbers

International premium numbers : International domestic number – One number across the globe Micropayment services are accessible everywhere which enables a user’s phone to dial the designated number in order to sell and purchase any products online. Users no longer need to use their credit cards, prepaid cards or any other online payment solution and Absolutely Digital no longer requires complicated billing systems. Payments are made using the phone line.

Content providers no longer need to bill their users through domestic number accessible on each operator, the hassle of revenues collection is reduced, and the payment cycle is shortened. The use of one number is virtually open from all operators worldwide. Depending on the amounts of minutes users spend on the phone, their account will be recharged with the adequate virtual currency.

Push SMS Notifications

Absolutely Digital introduces suitable Push SMS Notification solutions for countries in the MENA, Europe and worldwide regions ensuring a high rate of reach with numerous operators across those regions’ countries. Push SMS Notification is a very effective marketing tool that guarantees delivery to audience more effectively than other media tools (such as TV, Radio, Magazines, etc.), not to mention that it ensures a high response rate from audiences. With regional coverage, Absolutely Digital allows you to reach a list of more than 145 countries with over 350 operators based on high quality as well as reliable connectivity.

The notification message is sent in a Short Message format (SMS) with a maximum length of 159 Latin characters and 69 Arabic characters, including punctuation and spaces. The SMS can be used to promote any product, information, greetings to people on special occasions, etc.

  • Full GSM Feature Support
  • 24/7/365 operation for technical and commercial support
  • Extensive reporting and statistics available
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Global reach
  • Secure VPN or SSL connectivity
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