We create a design and strategy, and then manage and optimize it! Zero cost!
Design and Strategy

Design always has a strategy. Your branding says something about your company. Our project managers and designers work hand in hand to provide the best exposure available on the market through creative ideas and dedication.

Our strategy has 4 steps:
  • Firstly, we define your visual identity.
  • Secondly, we tailor an online marketing strategy to your needs.
  • Thirdly, we create content through mobile, newsletters, landing pages, forms, and facebook pages.
  • Fourthly, we create engagement by creating games, quizzes, and facebook applications.
Application project management

Generating traffic on a website, retaining users, converting into profit, selling online, those words are a sum-up of what works best in terms of successful marketing. Our services are aimed at maximizing the reach and visibility of your site, advising and maximizing your ROI.

Once you have the user’s attention, the trick is to keep it. After we have created a design and strategy for your brand, we can manage it.
Through our content strategy we will:
  • Generate traffic on your online forums
  • Retain users
  • Convert engagement into profit

SEO on site and off site

Why opt for SEO

  • 80% of online transactions start with a search engine
  • Google handles several hundred million searches a day
  • Most people never get past the first page of results
  • If your website is not ranking on the front page for relevant terms, you cannot expect to compete online.
    Moreover, if your website is not on that first page, it is, to some extent, invisible.

    Making use of the right SEO services is the most cost-effective way of attracting customers to your website. With the right keywords, your site can show in the top searches and maximize views by consumers. We bring your best assets forward!


    Did you know?

    On-site SEO
    On-site SEO refers to everything you can do on your website to improve its SEO and therefore, its Google ranking. In order for a website or web page to be considered deserving of a higher search engine ranking, it has to tick a number of boxes. They include Google friendly code and layouts, Meta descriptions, title tags, SEF URLs and so on. We at Absolutely Digital can provide you the best tools to maximize your page visibility.
    Off-site SEO
    Everything that happens on the Internet away from your business website that links back to your website affects off-site SEO. What you need here is effective back-links from other websites and blogs. Each link from an external website to your site passes an amount of "link juice" or "page rank". As the amount of external references to your business website grows, more and more page rank is passed to your website, and in turn, you achieve higher Google rankings.
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