Turn your database into profit
Database Monetization

Do you have a database and feel you are unable to make the best use of it?

Absolutely Digital is here to help!

We can support you in developing a plan to ensure long-term benefits and smart data monetization.

We optimize your database use and guarantee we will increase your users exponentially.

We segment the data carefully to target emails on relevant campaigns.

We also use this quality data in performance campaigns with our affiliation partners.

You can operate your database simultaneously to acquire additional income.

BENEFITS: We monetize your databases.

Additional income, effort-free.

Regular payment of your monthly earnings

Maximizing your untapped prospects

Amortize acquisition costs

Enjoy quality advertisers, reliable and accurate

Dedicated salespeople in the services monitoring and marketing

OUR SERVICES: We handle everything! Earn money effort-free.
1 Cleaning the basic qualification of your email addresses
2 Bargaining campaigns at the best rates possible
3 Deliverability management
4 Intake process of new subscribers
5 Base optimization
6 Reporting
7 Billing
E-commerce website

Are you aiming to start an e-business but skeptical to take the plunge?
Absolutely Digital is here to assist you in the successful launching of your products on the internet.

We offer turnkey solutions to handle your e-commerce website.
We will manage your project from A to Z to ensure a successful e-commerce:

T-snore is an anti-snoring device manufactured in France. Absolutely Digital handled the full design and development of the online shop in Spanish for T-snore, with the latest techniques in optimization and indexing for major search engines, advertising campaigns, major presence on social media networks and community management. We also created a promotional video showing how the product functions.

F-commerce website

Facebook has one billion active users, and F-commerce presents itself as a powerful tool to help you reach your audience among the growing community.

F-commerce allows you to use social tools on your Facebook fan pages and on your website to facilitate the launch, sharing and purchasing of your products.

Absolutely Digital offers to put you ahead of your competitors.
Our goal is to convert your visitors into fans, players and buyers in your F-commerce business.
The Absolutely Digital team has put together a compilation of good practices to assist you in developing your strategic e-shop.

Do you already own an e-shop?

The F-commerce provides you with:

  • new sales channel to complement your e-commerce
  • corner just for you, ensuring your visibility for more than 1 billion Internet users
  • new lever to generate traffic to your website
  • space for organizing sales events
  • new recruitment channel of qualified prospects
  • space for dialogue and exchange with your target audience.
You do not own an e-shop yet?

An F-commerce shop with Absolutely Digital will be the simplest and quickest solution to get started in e-commerce.

Example of "Our Products"

Development and management of your communication plans through social networks, starting X€ /month!

Our offer is aimed at professionals wishing to develop a comprehensive strategy, as well as online image management and communication.
From launching your Fan page to the elaboration of a plan for community management and advertising campaigns on Facebook, our service extends for a period of at least six months. The major operations require a solid presence on community platforms.

  • Launching your Fan page
  • Establishment of a Community Management Plan
  • Creation and distribution of content
  • Development of your community (interaction, recruitment)
  • Contest (creation, online and legal support)
  • Typical Newsletter Application
  • Typical Recruitment Application
  • Typical Form Application
  • setting up a campaign
  • Visual Creation
  • Editorial Design
  • Optimizing budget and announcements
  • Optimization of ROI
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