Recruit customers by knowing where to find them
Web advertising

Creating a web and mobile advertising strategy is essential. Visibility is useless if it’s seen by the wrong target. The affiliation program we provide guarantees our clients’ campaigns on the most suitable sites according to their targets. Your products and services will be advertised on the most popular websites, customised per country or region upon your request.

We create the right visibility to great profit generation through creating:
  • Google ads
  • Facebook ads
  • Banner displays

There are 5 different rates systems you can use:

(Cost per click)
Click on a banner or a text link.
(Cost per mile)
This can be purchased on the basis of showing the ad to one thousand viewers.
(Cost per Lead)
Subscription to a newsletter CPA (Cost per Action): selling process.
(Cost per Action)
Selling process.
(Cost per Download)
Downloading an application. Get in touch with millions of users worldwide, through specific campaigns for mobile devices.
Mobile advertising
Why Mobile Advertising? Mobile vs. Online Ads
  • 10 times higher click-through rates
  • 0 times higher aided brand awareness
  • 8 times higher unaided brand awareness
  • 6 times higher purchase intent
  • 14% increase in brand favourability
  • 21% increase in purchase intent
Mobile campaigns
Absolutely Digital gives you the advanced mobile marketing technology and expertise to effectively execute highly optimized and coordinated mobile campaigns.

People are constantly switching between devices, using the one that works best for where they are and what they are trying to do. At the same time, devices are evolving quickly, with a growing list of capabilities. Mobile campaigns provide new ways to help you reach the right audience at the moments that matter.

Create meaningful connections with today’s on-the-go customers, and grow a more engaged and loyal customer base.

SMS Marketing campaigns

Create Promotions, Discounts and Offers. Give current & prospective customers the convenience of carrying your offers and promotions on their phones. Drive immediate sales by sending or scheduling simple, one-time or recurring offers, promotions or specials. Keep them coming back and convert first time prospects into long-term fanatics. Send reminders, announcements or alerts: simply type up to 140 characters of plain text and send it. Since 90% of mobile fans will read it within 2 minutes, you‘ll engage your customers and prospects now, not in a week. Or plan ahead and schedule a message about an upcoming event or reminder.

SMS marketing campaigns are a very efficient and cost effective way to communicate promotions directly with staff and clients.

No software needs to be installed; you simply login into your account online.

Organisations and businesses can slash communication costs by using SMS as a communications medium with staff, clients and members.

Our user friendly SMS manager allows you to:

Send a single message or mass text messages to any mobile phone using your web browser.

For mobile marketing campaigns, the SMS manager allows you to send messages to your large database of mobile numbers in just a few minutes and following simple steps.
Chelsea Arabic website provides:

Chelsea Football Club has signed with Absolutely Digital an exclusive partnership for the localization, management and marketing of Chelsea official Arabic website as well as an exclusive mobile rights distribution in the Middle East, Africa and parts of Asia.

  • Exclusive content: Official news, documentaries, videos, photos, history
  • Gateway to other services of the club: Official shop, entrance tickets, social services
  • Official site: Emotional relationship between the fan and his club
  • Affiliation to the corporate image of the Club and its own Masterbrand
Mobile rights distribution for mobile operators:
Absolutely Digital can grant mobile operators the possibility of acquiring Chelsea mobile rights exclusively in the territory of their operation. CFC mobile rights include: Mobile subscription services.
Mobile subscription services:

Video (match highlights + non-match footage including news and player interviews)


Screensavers and Wallpapers


Alerts (SMS and push messaging)