Socialize with your consumers and keep them coming back!
Influence Marketing

The online world has its movers and shakers. It’s important to get your brand introduced to them so they can create buzz around it. The more opinion leaders talk about your brand the more credit your brand will have among consumers.

Sponsored tickets with proofreading before publication.

Editorial partnership transform influencers into brand ambassadors.

Buzz Monitoring: Detailed reporting of each action (visibility, processing and analysis of sympathy capital)

Analysis of the positioning on search engines.

Community Management

These days you get more out of your campaigns if you engage with your consumer. By creating a conversation with him/her you are keeping them entertained and ensuring they will always come back to your forum. In essence, you are creating an emotional bond between your brand and the consumer.

  • Comprehension of your brand DNA
  • Targeted Analysis
  • Definition of objectives
  • Selection of materials
  • Establishment of a program schedule
  • Creation and administration of social profiles
  • Recruitment of fans
  • Creation and distribution of content
  • Operation and promotional contests
  • Supervision of your online presence
  • Evaluation of the virality of your content
  • Measurement of commitment to your community
  • Optimization of budget and announcements
  • Development of new opportunities
Social media marketing

Absolutely Digital’s Social Network Marketing tools provide our clients a professional solution to boost the brand’s image across major social channels. Do you want to impact highly active communities? We have the right tools to enhance your product visibility throughout those networks!

Our service’s key features enable users to handle social accounts, organize activities by business target, schedule conversations for maximum reach, participate in real-time conversations and report on key performance indicators (KPIs).  With this functionality, social marketers reach a larger span of audiences and create a deeper impact on social engagements.

From , to , LinkedIn and YouTube, we have the best tools in the market to boost the exposure and popularity of your products and sevices.
What’s better than online word of mouth?

With Absolutely Digital, you can market your products on several social networking platforms, individually or simultaneously. We guarantee you a high level of visibility, a wider customer target and greater revenues.

Why choose Absolutely Digital?

Higher ROI

Accurate targeting

Improved SEO rankings

Reputation management

Increased visibility

Video Advertising

Brands used to spend a fortune on media space on TV. Now with the web we can create a video with the potential to go viral. What that means is, you have the potential to reach a mass audience without having to spend a fortune on media space.

And is there anything video can't do? It surprises us, teaches us, and even makes us giggle at work. Every day the world watches more. And now with Absolutely Digital, you can put the power of video to work for you.

Reach the right viewer at the right price
Pay only when they choose to watch your video ad
We manage your campaigns with ease

Did you know?

Facebook is planning to introduce video ads in the first half of 2013, according to report. Citing "several industry executives," Advertising Age reports that "by April at the latest," advertisers will be able to target video ads in users' News Feeds on desktop and mobile. The length of such videos would cap at 15 seconds as opposed to the standard 30-second TV ad, according to the report.
The report adds that the video ads will be on "autoplay," meaning they will start running automatically, a potentially controversial move. IN addition, on desktop, the ads will expand out of the News Feed and into the left- and right-hand columns.

The smart phone has changed the way brands interact with consumers. Most consumers spend hours playing games. Imagine them playing a game for hours that shows the benefit of your brand. It’s an experience not many mediums can offer.

Build a trusted and interactive relationship with our advergaming solutions. We offer to integrate brands into the most popular applications on iPhones ... video games!

Tasalla is a game portal with a wide spectrum of amazing games to suit the Arab gamer community, making it a gateway to the Middle East region for all providers and media partners.

Tasalla offers a large variety of games with various genres ranging from MMO, MMORPG’s, downloadable, Flash and mobile games for all ages.

With Facebook, Twitter and blog functionalities, the Arabic English and French versions are built around the social and interactive media components. Visitors have the ability of sharing their scores and fortunes directly with the portal community. Through, we are keen to deploy our assets and expertise in the Middle East to provide the highest quality of browser and client application to our Arabic visitors. We are certain that Tasalla will continue to capture the attention of the Arab community through our state-of-the-art website.
For game developers and publishers: is the perfect location for developers of browsers and client application games. It is fully customized in the three languages (Arabic, English and French) which professionally distribute and promote its games in the Arabic region.
  • Localization in the Middle East: Access to 17 countries harnessing the same language, Arabic.
  • Free translation of content into Arabic
  • Free marketing and promotion across the main online networks in the Middle East
  • Provision of the billing solutions (PSMS/PRS/Online payment solutions)
If you are a game publisher or developer, get your game advertised for free on Tasalla and have your product promoted throughout the Arab world.